Aligned. On target, and in control.

Dive into a world of true visibility, unified data, and strategic alignment. Outset unites teams around revenue goals and the path to attainment. Optimize your go-to-market spend and accurately deliver on annual plans. 

Outset is purpose-built for the entire leadership team to align and deliver successfully on revenue targets and enterprise value. Discover how Outset brings value to individual roles and connects teams cross-functionally.

Built for
Chief Financial Officers

Outset offers finance leaders the ability to accurately plan and forecast revenue for future fiscal periods, along with insight into which investments (headcount or program) will yield and what the return on investment will be.

  • True visibility into financial forecasts see into the future and make business decisions before it's too late.
  • Accurately predict revenue generation based on historical data and anticipated strategies.
  • Understand the financial implications of various programs and their ROI.
  • Ensure investment decisions align with both current and future fiscal year plans.

Built for
Chief Marketing Officers

Outset provides CMOs increased clarity around revenue impact from campaign planning and investments, allowing for deeper alignment and collaboration with sales teams on long-term revenue generation.

  • Data-driven marketing insights.
  • Gain insights from our AI-based platform that predicts revenue based on historicals and targeted strategies, campaigns or programs.
  • Align on key metrics that drive financial models related to customer journeys.
  • Plan and test different programs to improve business performance.
  • Understand the potential ROI of each program and when it will be realized.

Built for
Chief Revenue Officers

Outset provides revenue teams with a long-term, data-driven view of strategic planning for revenue generation and achieving targets. This allows CROs to set realistic Annual Plans aligned across the entire go-to-market team.

  • Strategic sales planning & execution.
  • Benefit from quota capacity and hiring models aligned with finance.
  • Understand the revenue impact of different levers by toggling programs on and off.
  • Track program progress against predicted targets and adjust as needed.
  • Evaluate and implementnew programs to close pipeline and revenue gaps.
  • Collaborate seamlesslyacross departments for unified go-to-market strategies.

Built for
Revenue Operations

Outset enables unified visibility and alignment across GTM functions and teams, including deeper understanding into the required pipeline to achieve and exceed plans. RevOps teams will feel more empowered to make decisions to pull appropriate revenue levers to keep plans on track.

  • Reduce time spent on data discrepancies and multiple report reconciliations.
  • Increased visibility and alignment across Sales, Marketing, Partners, Finance, Product, and other teams.
  • Strategic planning for 3, 6, 12, and 24 months out.
  • Leverage insights and tools to ensure the Annual Plan is met and exceeded.
  • Benefit from recommendationsand support in building out programs and tracking
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