Stackable initiative planning

Data based predictions and insights delivered by our AI based platform

Our Revenue Prediction AI engine allows you to accurately predict when and how much revenue will be generated based on past performance, anticipated programs, and strategies targeted at improving metrics.

The engine leverages historical data points such as leads, SQOs, win rates, average deal size, sales cycles, and other metrics to create a forward-looking view up to 36 months out.

Outset will map your customer journey and get alignment across all functions on the key metrics that drive the model.

Capacity planning designed to support your top and bottom line goals

Create a quota capacity and hiring model aligned with Finance, leveraging data points like hire dates, quota by role, ramp time, forecasted attrition, and more.

Outset will use your current data to create the capacity planning model, and make ongoing recommendations for the assumptions that make up the sales capacity plan.

Plan to hit the plan with program management

Create and scenario plan different programs that can be run to improve the performance of the business. Toggle programs on and off to gauge the revenue impact of different levers. Track program progress against predicted targets so you can get out in front of misses with needed adjustments.

Associate costs to each program to understand potential ROI and when that ROI will be realized. Optimize investment dollars and highlight risk by ensuring the right number and types of programs are deployed at any given time.

BLDG will make recommendations and help you build out each of the programs. Outset will help you track cross-department attainment and make weekly adjustments if needed.

Long range forecasting with Outset


Software and services you need to optimize go-to-market spend and exceed your Annual Plan.


Create and execute new programs to make up for any forecasted gaps.


Reduce time spent reviewing multiple different reports and conflicting data.

Over Time

Track what works, what doesn’t, and use historical data to become more accurate at planning.


Create better alignment and unite teams across Sales, Marketing, Partners, Finance, Product, and RevOps.


Make RevOps more strategic by focusing on what’s needed to hit the plan in 3, 6, 12, and 24 months out.

Built to Deliver

Outset was built by experienced SaaS leaders. We are a team of operators who know how to deliver results in these key areas:

Software and Services

Our offering combines the software and services you need to optimize go-to-market spending and exceed your Annual Plan. Once live, you will have the tools to quickly and confidently make the investment decisions necessary to support your current and future fiscal year plans.

Build your revenue one initiative at a time.

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