Delivering maximum value.

Built on Salesforce Sales Cloud, Outset partners offer technical implementation, and ongoing Managed Services to enable organizations to achieve maximum value with the Outset platform.

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Run on the strength of Salesforce

B2B SaaS companies running Salesforce Sales Cloud need Outset to predict growth initiatives, plan confidently, and deliver on their revenue goals. Outset baselines against past performance, understands targets, predicts future performance, and helps revenue teams build the programs needed to drive pipeline and exceed revenue targets.

The predictive revenue planning platform Salesforce users have been waiting for

Soon to be available in the AppExchange, Outset leverages data in your Salesforce Sales Cloud to build a predictive revenue model. The predictive model acts as the “controller” for all of your go-to-market plan components. Directly within Salesforce Sales Cloud, you will see past performance data, understand predicted results, and be in a position to build achievable and aggressive go-to-market plans.

We aren’t new to Salesforce, it’s in
our DNA

We’ve been living the Salesforce life for a long time. Outset was founded by a former Salesforce sales leader and developed by a team that has deployed and supported several highly successful native Salesforce applications. We are a Salesforce ISV partner, listed in the App Exchange, committed to the Pledge 1% model, and huge fans of Ohana.

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Technical implementation & managed services

As an Outset Partner, HLX combines strategic advisory, technical implementation, and ongoing managed services to enable organizations to achieve maximum value with the Outset platform.

HLX stakes our reputation on delivering high-quality solutions and partnering with our clients to drive measurable results. Our team is excited to discover your requirements, advise on best practices, design and deliver the implementation best for your company, and support you after go-live.

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Revenue by Design
Revenue by Design
Sales ready motions that deliver biggest impact

At Revenue by Design (RbD), we help you create sales ready programs that deliver results, revenue, and rewards. Our simple, yet effective three-step approach involves working with you to identify, specify, and execute on key motions that will have the biggest impact to your business, customers, and teams.

Iceberg RevOps
Iceberg RevOps
Sales and marketing operations for growing companies

Iceberg helps companies build and maintain world-class sales and marketing systems, processes, and reporting. For less than the cost of a single hire, you can access a team of qualified experts.

Sign up for a free strategy session with Iceberg RevOps founder and head of RevOps,Taft Love.