RevOps: Planning the Unseen

I recently met with an exceptionally talented Revenue Operations (RevOps) leader. The scope of her role was so broad that “RevOps” understated her true extent of responsibility. In fact, after hearing her laundry list of duties, I jokingly asked, “Shouldn’t your title be CEO?” She replied, “No, but I need to deliver our FY25 Go-To-Market Plan to our CEO by December 1st.” This led to an interesting discussion of how hard it is to build an accurate, predictable go-to-market plan.

At greater than $100M in revenue, the SaaS organization this RevOps leader works for is substantial. Her technology stack is mature, and her team is well-staffed. Nonetheless, she shared a list of common challenges. Simple examples include:

  • Enterprise Pipeline: The Enterprise New Business Opportunity (NBO) Pipeline was precise and reliable for the current quarter and next. After that, things became opaque. This is despite solid leadership, processes, and revenue intelligence tools.
  • Commercial Pipeline: With an average sales cycle of 60 days or less, the Commercial NBO Pipeline was clear 90 days forward. After that, everything became estimates based on run rate.
  • Marketing Generated Pipeline: As with many organizations, the Marketing function was likely to miss pipeline development targets in the current fiscal year – creating a problem in the next. What new programs should be deployed to make up the gap?
  • Global Organization: The team is international, and pipeline challenges exist in every region. Compounding variables included varying seller experience, tenure, and ramp by geography.
  • M&A Activity: Because of M&A activity, sales capacity was challenging to model. Would it be better to collapse into fewer sales tiers or expand? How could existing capacity be remodeled to create efficiencies?

This situation is far from unique. The right people and technologies are in place, and the RevOps team is solid. Despite this, clarity on future new bookings extends about 100 days into the future and no further. Managing bookings in this manner is hard, and accurately planning new bookings in future fiscal periods is even more challenging – a challenge that needs to be solved. Solving these challenges is why we created Outset!

Outset is the industry’s first and only platform that helps recurring revenue organizations accurately predict long-term outcomes. Our products ensure that go-to-market plans are correctly built from the outset. Outset creates bookings clarity and vision for the next quarter, year, and beyond. Imagine presenting your annual plan to the C-Suite and using data to show a projected bookings shortfall six, nine, or twelve months in the future. Better yet, imagine simultaneously suggesting the most optimal programs to generate the pipeline needed to close the gap and when to run those programs. That is what Outset is all about. We help recurring revenue companies predict outcomes and take corrective action BEFORE problems arise. We help you fix problems that presently can’t be seen.