Build enterprise value.

Right from the Outset, we set out to bring the best of the best to build this platform.

160 leads +

5 MoM

Build plans your board can count on

Outset focuses 100% of our energies on solving the most difficult challenges related to planning, budgeting, and executing go-to-market recurring revenue plans.

Built by leveraging real-world experience, our application and processes become the connective tissue that join our clients’ Marketing, Sales, Account Management, and Revenue Operations functions together–ensuring that all work in unison to meet and exceed corporate objectives.

Every day, Outset works to improve how our clients meet and exceed their recurring revenue plans and hit their Annual Plan.

Plan with confidence—from the outset

Predict growth initiatives, plan with confidence, and deliver on your revenue goals. Outset is the predictive revenue planning tool that enables effective targets, transparency into future revenue streams, and levers for corrective action—in time—to stay in control.

Outset is purpose-built for the entire leadership team to align and deliver successfully on revenue targets and enterprise value. Outset offers a unified approach to executing your Annual Plan, ensuring data is reliable and that targeted investments show solid ROI.

Designed and built by BLDG

Outset was built by SaaS leaders with real-world experience. We are a team of operators who know how to deliver results. Headquartered in Orange County, CA, Outset is a BLDG Studio Company.

BLDG is a cross-functional team that lives, loves, and breathes the entrepreneurial life. Working in both the Studio and the Consultancy, we are both former and current operators at the same time. We are actively facing the same challenges and experiencing the same wins, side by side, with our Studio and Consultancy teammates.

Taking the 1% Pledge

We’ve teamed up with leading global organizations to donate 1% of equity, profit, employee time, or software licenses to the community as part of our corporate philanthropy program. We feel proud to be a “Pledge 1%” partner!

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Daren Lauda

CEO & Founder

Jeramee Waldum

Head of Go-to-Market

Aaron Pedroza

Head of Design

Katherine Scheer

Head of Product


Build your revenue one initiative at a time.

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